Service of office equipment and smartphones

Restoring laptops, tablets and smartphones to functionality to ensure trouble-free operation of everyday tasks.

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Repair of laptops, tablets and smartphones

Take advantage of the experience of Weilandt Elektronik technicians and entrust your damaged office equipment to good hands. Before you send your smartphone, tablet or laptop to our service center, you can always contact us to be sure that we will be able to repair your equipment. If you decide to ship the device, we guarantee that you will receive a clear repair quote without hidden costs, which will also include information about the repair time. We act reliably and honestly in your interest.

We repair devices of such brands as: Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Winmate.

Remember, if you have a damaged other device, just contact us. Then we will check if we can help you.

We service devices such as:





Report your device to service

Report a defect in your device today and use its full functionality soon!

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Laptop service

If your laptop needs repair, Weilandt Elektronik is the perfect place for you. We offer quick and effective help in solving problems with your device.

We repair Dell, Lenovo and Apple laptops. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to repair your device. By using our service, you can be sure that your laptop will be repaired professionally and in a short time.

We encourage you to contact us and use our services!


Tablet service

If you are looking for a professional tablet service, Weilandt Elektronik is the perfect solution for you. Our company has been repairing Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Winmate tablets for years, and our specialists are always ready to meet your requirements. Cracked screen, broken charging socket, damaged motherboard? It’s not a problem for us. Our offer includes not only standard maintenance services, but also a wide range of accessories.

Take advantage of our services.

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Smartphone service

If you need help repairing your smartphone, Weilandt Elektronik is here to help! Our service specializes in repairing Apple and Samsung phones. Whether you have a screen, battery or operating system issue, our experienced technicians will resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Use our service!

We service, among others, devices brands such as:

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Reporting a repair at Weilandt is easier than you think

Process flow

You can use several convenient ways to report a repair:

  1. Register the repair via the Customer Panel. You do not need to have an account in the system. All you need to do is provide basic company information, contact details and device information.
  2. Send a repair request to e-mail: In the message, provide the company name, your name and surname, the model and serial number of the device, as well as a description of the fault.
  3. Prepare a sheet of paper with a description of the faults and contact details, such as the company name, your name, email address and telephone number. Put it in the package with the device and send it to us.

Order service support

in the subscription package

You are interested in long-term service cooperation and constant support and many additional benefits? Take advantage of our subscription service and optimize your business expenses.

Take advantage of the service contract and forget about hardware problems.

Comprehensive, fast, professional.

Do you run a company or work in the IT department? Are you responsible for maintaining processes and the condition of equipment in the company? Thanks to us, you will be able to focus on more important topics than problems with non-functioning equipment.

Weilandt support this an invaluable package of benefits

Service contract

Fixed repair costs allow you to avoid unexpected expenses. Pre-established conditions speed up implementation - automatic repair.

Professional repair

A qualified team of technicians who use specialized equipment to perform repairs at the highest level.

Cost optimization

Regular inspections and maintenance of equipment, helping to avoid costly breakdowns. Proven spare parts that guarantee long and trouble-free operation.

Customer panel

Dedicated customer panel enabling verification and monitoring of reported repairs.

Sales and rentals

A wide range of devices configured to your needs, which leads to the optimization of work in the company.

Certified staff

We are constantly expanding our knowledge and skills, which is confirmed by numerous certificates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions or write to us at:

Yes, for details and costs, please contact us.

Devices repaired at our service center are covered by a 3-month warranty. The warranty period is counted from the date the device is returned to the customer.

Yes, in addition to new and refurbished devices, we also sell accessories for them. If you need a quote please contact us.

Diagnosis is free once the repair is approved. If you cancel the repair, we charge a cost of 30 EUR. This is a fee for the technician’s time spent working on the device.

The standard repair time for the device is 2/3 business days from the date of acceptance of the repair. If it is necessary to order the necessary parts for the repair, this time is extended. This information is always included in the repair quote (top right corner).

In the case of contract repairs, the repair time may be only 24 hours, please contact us for more details.

If the diagnosis and then the repair itself require actions that violate the warranty conditions of the device manufacturer, the warranty may be lost. Before interfering with the device, we inform about this fact, the final decision always rests with the customer whether he wants to repair the equipment faster with us at the expense of the warranty.

We thoroughly clean the interior of the device from dust and perform maintenance on the cooling system, clean sensitive connectors and contacts, and replace the thermal paste (if necessary).

Yes, as an electronic service, every new challenge is interesting for us. Repairs of such elements are always performed under ESD conditions. We have microscopes, heaters, BGA and other specialized tools at our disposal. Our goal is always to repair damaged items delivered to us.

Part prices do not depend on us, and we only use proven parts from proven suppliers and manufacturers who guarantee good quality.