We implement and
service AutoID devices

We support companies in implementing AutoID devices and provide full service support.


Increase efficiency by implementing AutoID devices

Ensure precise and effective management of production, warehouse and distribution processes in your company. By using the latest AutoID technologies, you can not only increase work efficiency, but also increase the level of security and process control.

With us, you will use the power of solutions based on automatic identification and data collection technology. We’re here to help you with the full range of AutoID device implementations such as barcode scanners, label printers and mobile terminals.

We will help you introduce advanced technologies into your company, such as RFID and MDM device management software, that will change the way you do business.

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Why is it worth ordering the implementation of AutoID devices from us?

We will ensure proper connection and integration of new AutoID devices with your company’s existing systems, ensuring full harmony with your existing infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about operational downtime.

During comprehensive implementation, we will not only configure the devices and install the software in accordance with the guidelines, but also conduct professional staff training.

We implement devices such as:

Mobile computers

Barcode scanners


Label printers


Order a consultation with an expert

Consult about the best devices for your company and find out what the implementation may look like.

We implement devices brands such as:

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Schedule a consultation with our expert

Complete the form if you are considering introducing automation of logistics or warehouse processes in your company.

You are only one step away from establishing cooperation with a partner who will be with you at every stage – from planning, through implementation, to ongoing service and support.

By choosing implementation with Weilandt, you gain:

Technical assistance

We offer the support of experienced technicians who constantly expand their knowledge and skills.

Cost optimization

We provide access to new and renovated devices that we tailor to the needs of your company.

Strategic partnership

We help our clients in scaling the AutoID solutions used as the business develops.

Service contract

We provide after-sales service, so you can be sure that your AutoID devices will always be functional.

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We service AutoID devices

If your equipment has been damaged, you have come to the right place. We provide authorized service for mobile computers and barcode scanners of brands such as: Casio®, Datalogic®, Honeywell®, Intermec®, Motorola®, Opticon®, Psion®, Symbol®, Unitech®, UROVO®, Zebra® and many others.

Our team of technicians are excellent at dealing with various types of faults, ensuring precise and effective repairs, so you can avoid costly replacement of the device with a new one.

Don’t let a failure get in the way of your productivity!
Trust our experienced technicians and use the repair service at our authorized service center.


Why service in Weilandt?

As an authorized service center, we have access to original parts, such as:
and proven substitutes, so we always help you choose the optimal solution.

We offer technical support for autoid devices, which can include remote diagnosis of problems, on-site repairs and even device replacement if necessary.

Additionally, we help keep your hardware and software up to date to prevent software-related glitches.

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We service devices such as:

Mobile computers

Barcode scanners


Label printers


Report your device to service

Report a defect in your device today and use its full functionality soon!

We service, among others, devices brands such as:

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Schedule a consultation with our expert

Are you interested in a preliminary repair estimate, have a problem with the operation of your equipment, or maybe you want to buy a new or refurbished device?

Write to us, the technical or sales department will contact you immediately.

Weilandt support this an invaluable package of benefits

Professional repair

A qualified team of technicians who work with specialized equipment and ensure regular inspections and maintenance of the equipment.

Cost optimization

Regular inspections help avoid costly breakdowns, and proven spare parts guarantee optimization of repair costs.

Customer panel

A dedicated customer panel allows you to report, verify and monitor repairs.

Sales and rentals

A wide range of devices configured to the individual needs of each company.

Service contract

Thanks to contracts, you keep repair costs constant and avoid unexpected expenses.

Certified staff

We are constantly expanding our knowledge and skills, which is confirmed by numerous certificates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions or fill out the contact form.

Yes, for details and costs, please contact us.

Devices repaired at our service center are covered by a 3-month warranty. The warranty period is counted from the date the device is returned to the customer.

Yes, in addition to new and refurbished devices, we also sell accessories for them. If you need a quote please contact us.

Diagnosis is free once the repair is approved. If you cancel the repair, we charge a cost of 30 EUR. This is a fee for the technician’s time spent working on the device.

The standard repair time for the device is 2/3 business days from the date of acceptance of the repair. If it is necessary to order the necessary parts for the repair, this time is extended. This information is always included in the repair quote (top right corner).

In the case of contract repairs, the repair time may be only 24 hours, please contact us for more details.

If the diagnosis and then the repair itself require actions that violate the warranty conditions of the device manufacturer, the warranty may be lost. Before interfering with the device, we inform about this fact, the final decision always rests with the customer whether he wants to repair the equipment faster with us at the expense of the warranty.

We thoroughly clean the interior of the device from dust and perform maintenance on the cooling system, clean sensitive connectors and contacts, and replace the thermal paste (if necessary).

Yes, as an electronic service, every new challenge is interesting for us. Repairs of such elements are always performed under ESD conditions. We have microscopes, heaters, BGA and other specialized tools at our disposal. Our goal is always to repair damaged items delivered to us.

Part prices do not depend on us, and we only use proven parts from proven suppliers and manufacturers who guarantee good quality.