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A provider of Auto ID solutions, service centre independent of manufacturers, offering repairs, warranty and post-warranty service of mobile terminals, bar code scanners and printers.

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Naprawa urządzeń serii MC9000
Warranty and post-warranty repairs of printers, mobile terminals and bar code scanners. Our offer includes a full range of solutions, from a threshold repair, a flat rate, time & material repair and service contracts.

Implementations and projects

Implementation and installation of IT equipment is a complicated and time-consuming process. Weilandt Elektronik meets customers' expectations, offering a comprehensive support in the preparation and implementation of Auto ID solutions

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing A wide range of outsourcing solutions offered by Weilandt Elektronik is a guarantee of a comprehensive support of IT installation. The team of Weilandt Elektronik specialists ensures the highest quality of provided services


Stock taking is a special task for every company. We will lease to your Company perfect and proven equipment for stocktaking. We will also help you to configure and distribute it.

Used equipment

opticon h13
Weilandt Elektronik buys and sells used data collectors, bar code scanners and accessories. Every terminal and scanner undergoes a comprehensive renovation process at our company.

Weilandt Elektronik in numbers


Almost 30 years of experience

The company was founded in 1991 in Essen, Germany. The Polish branch was established in 2008.


Branches in 2 countries

Weilandt Elektronik operates in Poland and Germany, which enables us to provide services in 36 countries.


Experienced staff

Weilandt Elektronik hires more than 80 specialists.


More than 2000 satisfied customers

We have a long list of satisfied Customers.

Weilandt Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

Weilandt Elektronik is a precursor of repair and maintenance services in Auto ID industry. With almost 30 years of experience, we are able to repair and maintain equipment manufactured by: Symbol®, Motorola®, Honeywell®, Intermec®, Zebra®, Opticon®, Psion®, Casio®, Unitech®, Datalogic®, etc…

We offer our customers comprehensive repair services at an advanced service centre

meeting the highest standards. SMD/BGA diagnostics and repair, warranty and post-warranty repairs meeting ESD/IPC standards, tests, damage appraisal, cleaning devices, door2door logistics. With our individual approach to every Customer and the selection of the best service option, we help to reduce the costs of maintenance of mobile devices.

We have gained trust of industry leaders, logistics companies, commercial agencies, sales offices, service organisations, opinion polling companies, retail and wholesale companies, security services as well as public institutions, warehouses, supermarkets, courier companies.

Currently Weilandt Elektronik Sp. z o.o. provides repair services for Customers from Poland and for foreign Customers from Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Why Weilandt Elektronik?

Warranty and post-warranty service.

Fast and precise operation.

Best quality for the best price.

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