Terms and conditions

I. Definitions

II. Service

III. Delivery of equipment

IV. Receiving Equipment

V. Recovery time

VI. Warranty

VII. Customer responsibility

VIII. Prices and fees additional charges

IX. General


I. Definitions

1. SERVICE – Weilandt Elektronik Sp. z o. o. ul Piernikarczyka 35, 42-600 Tarnowskie góry

2. CUSTOMER – the company which has made equipment for the measurement, diagnosis and repair.

3. ACCEPTANCE FORM – document contains the information necessary to identify the equipment (manufacturer, type, model, serial number) a description of the technical condition and vulnerability.

4. TRANSPORT – courier, with which the service has signed a constant current cooperation agreement.

5. COURIER – delivery service employee or a person acting on his behalf.


II.  Service

1. To start servicing the customer is submitting a service request, which can make:

  • sending equipment by prior arrangement via the website service
  • sending equipment and admission form (print send service)
  •  sending equipment by prior arrangement by telephone conditions

III. Delivery of equipment

1. The equipment should be sent to Service

2. The risk of damage during transportation to the site shall be borne by the customer. Please properly pack and secure the equipment prior to shipment.

3. In the event that the service delivery improperly secured or impossible to send back because of the possibility of damage to the equipment, the service will add the cost of a new package of 7€ net to be incurred by the customer.

4. All shipments are sent via delivery service from and to the customer are insured for the amount of 1500 € If the value of the equipment exceeds the amount the customer should notify the courier and service.


IV. Receiving Equipment

1. We will ship the equipment to the customer at the address in the service application.

2. If the device damage during transport, we suggest:

Check the status of the package in the presence of the courier. Each consignment must be labeled with a protective tape on the outside. If it does not, it means that the item has been opened by unauthorized persons. In this case, check the contents in the presence of the courier. If you notice any damage to the packaging, unpack the shipment in the presence of the courier and in case of damage to the contents jointly draw up a suitable protocol. If shipping damage is found after the departure of the courier despite the lack of evidence of damage to the packaging, you should make a damage report containing:

– Description of the damage,

– Tracking number,

– The date of service,

– Financial expectations for incurred losses, which should be attested by the purchase of equipment


V. Recovery time

1.Special warranty repair is specified in the guarantee given by the guarantor and runs from the date of delivery of the equipment to the site. If the guarantor is a warranty repair service time is 3 business days.

2. Time paid repair is 5 working days.

3. Service not seem damaged parts

4. After the expiry of three months from the date of notification of the customer and repair costs by him not to take any decision within the aforementioned period of service shall charge a fee for storage and equipment protection insurance in the amount of 2€ net for each day of delay.


VI. Warranty

1. The equipment must be provided to the company. The customer bears the cost of delivery to the site while the cost of shipping to the customer service cover.

2. For repair or service the service provides a standard warranty period of 3 months from the date of the provision.

3. The warranty covers only the elements and activities specified in the repair tab marked as completed by the service.

4. Warranty does not cover:

  • Mechanical damage, chemical, thermal (fracture, flooding, etc.)
  • Damage resulting from the operation of the device in conditions that do not meet the conditions specified in the user instructions,
  • Damage caused by improper use or use contrary to the instructions for use, – the random (flood, fire, power surge)
  • Parts of which have undertaken the repair of persons or entities that are not service.

5. Service, in order to protect the equipment against unauthorized access by third parties hedges repaired their equipment.

6. Violation of any of the seals or other security will lead to the loss of the guarantee provided by the service.


VII. Customer responsibility

1. customer certifies that owns the equipment entrusted to the site and does not claim any rights to the other third party.

2. The customer is responsible for used and installed the software provided with the equipment for repair.

3. Customer declares that it has secured all the data and disclaims any and all rights will be entitled to compensation for their loss.

4. For faults and defects discovered during the repair service is not liable.

5. Service reserves the return of the repaired equipment to the customer is not due to lack of original parts or replacements on the market and other factors beyond the control of the service.


VIII. Prices and fees additional charges

1. The cost to provide service according to the terms of this Regulation shall be determined in each case individually according to the customer’s needs.

2. All prices quoted by the service and placed in the list are NET prices.


IX. General

1. Each client is required to familiarize yourself with these rules. Giving equipment to repair, voluntarily accepts the above terms and conditions. It is also agreement on the basis of which the service is supplied repair and it regulates the rights and obligations in this respect. All other provisions must be submitted in writing and acceptance by both parties.

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