IT Outsourcing

A wide range of outsourcing services in Weilandt Elektronik guarantees comprehensiveness in care over the IT installation. 

Our customers are given the opportunity to optimise the costs, enhance the effectiveness, quality and safety of undertaken or performed business processes. Our customers are welcome to use the service centre with highly qualified personnel equipped with the leading-edge equipment and devices.

The team of specialists at Weilandt Elektronik ensures the highest quality of rendered services.

The priority is to maintain the highest functionality of the installation with the least engagement of the customer’s personnel. Our employees are always willing to give advice on available system solutions and offer technical support. Our actions are aimed at reducing time and costs spent by the customer when a failure occurs. Long-term actions connected with the necessity of servicing the damaged equipment are taken over by the Weilandt Elektronik team.

This solution proves to be the most effective for companies with many branches located throughout the country, improving the company operation. All this is achieved without involving the customer’s personnel who is therefore able to devote their time to more important tasks.

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