Implementations and projects

Implementation and installation of IT equipment is a complicated and time-consuming process. To meet customers’ expectations, Weilandt Elektronik offers comprehensive assistance in preparation and implementation of Auto ID solutions. Starting with a selection of new or renewed equipment, with considering the customer budget. We help negotiate the best financial conditions. Pre-implementation tests and system and equipment pre-installation performed at the Weilandt Elektronik centre in Tarnowskie Góry make it possible to correct errors and eliminate a risk of unexpected failures that often accompany such demanding processes.

Pre-installation starts with preparing the right environment for tests. The basis is setting and configuring devices, as well as software installation (so-called base commissioning/staging). The Weilandt Elektronik specialists perform necessary consultations concerning the system being implemented, and help troubleshoot any problems resulting from implementation of system interfaces, protocols, databases or transmission technologies.

The advantages of pre-installation are enormous:

  • Saving time spent on hardware selection and installation.

  • Eliminating the possibility of technical problems occurring in the course of installation.

  • Reducing the risk of any unexpected difficulties occurring after the installation process.

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